On-ear headphones VS. In-ear headphones

I just picked up a pair of Sound Klout TWS Wireless earbuds so i figured i'd make a blog.

On ear headphones are headphones that wraps your head covers your ear whereas in-ear headphones (just like earbuds) are earphones you plug into your ear. So which is better? Well it's all on preference. On-ear headphones, they try to make it as comfortable for a user to wear but be careful with some on ear headphones where they can have a strong clamp and it can be slightly discomfortable. In-ear buds try to mimic over-ear headphone but it goes into your ear. In-ear headphones are great if you want to hear noise unclose, but also be cautious some earbuds are not noise isolation. So to me, it just based on what you want and if you're an audiophile or not. To me, for everyday use, I recommend the Sound Klout wireless earbuds. They're fully waterproof and come with ANC Active Noise Cancelling.


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